How to Add Rocket Fuel to an Instagram Giveaway / Contest Using DM Automation


If you are a brand or influencer on Instagram, you know that giveaways and contests are a great way to build engagement and followers.

However, what if I told you that you could add rocket fuel to any giveaway which could potentially lead to the following results?

  1. 741% increase in engagement
  2. 2,600 new email leads captured
  3. 4,000 new followers
  4. 29,000 post comments

This was with an account with 112k followers and you can read the full case study here.

With the newly unveiled Instagram automation, not only can you significantly increase you followers, engagement and brand awareness but also, you can make a boatload of sales in the process.

This last part is a game changer since most giveaways are only focused on generating more followers.

Introducing Instagram DM Automations

Instagram has now launched DM automations. This means that you can start having personalized, interactive, and dynamic DM conversations with your followers AT SCALE, automatically.

There are three automations that can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of your giveaways and contests:

  1. DM a Keyword – Instruct your followers (in your bio or, a post, story or reel) to DM you with a specific keyword. This is how someone would enter the giveaway.
  2. Story Mention – Followers mention your giveaway in their stories.
  3. Comment Trigger – Followers comment on your giveaway post.

Here you can see how this would work in practice:

STEP 1 – Inside of your post, story, or reel, you would instruct your followers to DM the keyword “giveaway”. This would launch an engaging and interactive conversation.

STEP 2 – This micro step automatically enters your follower into the giveaway. It is a way to increase your engagement with your followers that is even more valuable than a like, share or a comment as you’ll see.

STEP 3 – The user is given more chances to win by earning more “entry points.” This requires your contestants to give you an email address.

This step already dramatically alters the effectiveness of your campaigns. This is because you are now building a real asset (an email list) that gives you direct access to a portion of your followers.

While your audience is tied to Instagram, you can only communicate with a post, story or reel, which is subject to an algorithm. This means that only about 8% of your audience will see your post. With email you increase that to 30% of your subscribers.

STEP 4 – You can further incentivize each contestant to mention you in their story, to increase their chances of winning the giveaway. With DM automation, this story mention can also launch a branded and unique conversation to thank each contestant for their tag.

This allows you to thank people for their brand loyalty, and to find brand ambassadors. In addition, this increase the touch points you can have with each follower.

STEP 5 – You can still ask that each contestant follow certain accounts and for them to tag their friends or comment for extra chances to win. The beauty of this step is that each person who comes to the post / story is a potential email subscriber. In addition, the engaging DM automation is incentivizing story mentions, comments and tags, thus increasing the virality of the giveaway.

STEP 6 – Finally, you can also automatically reply to comments left on your giveaway post.


Instagram DM automation is a true game changer for brands and influencers looking to leverage their giveaway campaigns. The dynamic and engaging conversations:

  1. Allow for a personal touch (AT SCALE)
  2. Incentivize each contestant to share your giveaway with friends
  3. Leads to greater engagement and more followers
  4. Allow you to build valuable digital assets (email and phone numbers) that you control
  5. Provide you greater access to a subset of your followers for each succeeding campaign – Email and SMS have a 30% and 90% open rate, respectively for an engaged list.

Instagram automation not only puts rocket fuel in any GIVEAWAY, but also, helps brands and influencers build incredibly valuable assets.

To learn more about Instagram automation for giveaways or to schedule an appointment to speak with us directly, please send an email to

Here’s to your success!


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