How to Convert Your Website Visitors Into Customers – Part 3

Phase 2 – Turning Visitors into Subscribers

This is Phase 2 of using Messenger automation to convert your website visitors into subscribers. Be sure to check out Phase 1.

The following steps require a little more patience to learn, but they will allow you to quickly scale your results, whether in acquiring leads, customers or long-term customers.

Step 4 – You must place a Facebook pixel on your site. A Facebook pixel is a small piece of code that is triggered whenever someone visits your site.  The pixel allows Facebook to track overall visits to your website as well as visits to individual pages.

IMPORTANT: If you do not have a Facebook pixel on your website, you are losing out on a great opportunity to reach your visitors again once they have left your site.

Step 5 – You must begin building a Facebook audience of visitors to your site.  With a pixel in place, Facebook allows you to build an audience of your website visitors (assuming they are also users of Facebook). 

You can build an audience of:

  1. All website visitors
  2. Website visitors who went to a page of a particular product or service
  3. Website visitors who did not complete their purchases on your site

The advantage to tracking this data should be obvious.  For example, Visitor #3 above is the closest to becoming a customer.  With a Facebook pixel, you can now retarget that visitor on their newsfeed (or send them a Sponsored message (see below)), in order to incentivize the completion of their purchase. 

Step 6 – Send Sponsored Messages to all of your Messenger subscribers once per month

Sponsored messages are direct messages to anyone who has ever engaged with one of your chatbots.  Facebook allows you a free 24-hour period to communicate with a Messenger subscriber after they engage with your chatbot.  There are a few ways around this limitation, but that is beyond the scope of this guide.

With sponsored messages, however, you can communicate with these subscribers without penalty, and it will cost you about $20 per 1,000 subscribers.  To show a regular Facebook ad to the same amount of people would cost you about $300 and there is no guarantee that the person would click on your ad.

Sponsored messages go directly into your subscribers’ Messenger inbox.

Step 7 – Retarget visitors to your website with a custom-tailored Facebook ad

Once you have begun building a Facebook audience with people who have visited your site, you can now reach them effectively and inexpensively via a Facebook ad. Facebook allows you to present specific ads to audiences that you have built. 

One advantage is that once you have built up a solid audience of people who respond to your messaging and brand, Facebook allows you to create a lookalike audience. This means that Facebook will sift through lots of variables and select other users who match the profile of your current audience.  This is one of the powers of using Messenger because you are now able to reach a much bigger audience that Facebook has determined behaves in a similar fashion to the one you have physically built.

Free consultations / service

And that is only the beginning of Messenger marketing.  There is so much more to cover, but these aspects should be the minimum that any small business should put in place to start seeing real results.

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Here’s to the success of your goals and your business.


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