How to Turn Website Visitors Into Subscribers – Part 1


Here is a simple formula you can use to turn website visitors into engaged subscribers using Facebook Messenger.

The end result will show a customer chat widget on your site that will engage your visitors, ask questions and allow you to collect emails and phone numbers.

NOTE: The sample business in this article comes from the world of Christian charity. However, the principles of Facebook Messenger marketing can be applied across ANY industry. Substitute your business where you see our examples and watch your subscribers grow.

This is the process.

  1. Create a Customer Chat bot inside of your bot software.  We recommend Manychat but any bot software will do.
  2. Install the bot code on your website
  3. When visitors click on your chatbot to engage, they automatically become a subscriber
  4. You can now interact with every subscriber for a 24 hour period

Create a Customer Chatbot

This is the process for creating a customer chatbot (automated conversation) to acquire subscribers:

Click on the Growth Tools tab inside of Manychat.

Click on the “New Growth Tool” button on the right.

Choose the Customer Chat widget and give your widget a name.

Click on Edit.

Click on the Opt-In Message box. This will open a box to the left which will allow you to make edits to your message.

Type in a new welcome message.

You will see your changes reflected on the right. There is a customization tool { } which allows you to place someone’s first name in the message.

Click the Add Button button three times to add three buttons under your welcome message.

These will also be reflected on the right as New Button #1, #2 and #3.

Change the name of each button to reflect the action you want to take when the button is pressed. You have several choices:

  1. Send message
  2. Send SMS
  3. Send email
  4. Open website
  5. Call number

Choose the appropriate action for each button.

  1. I have a question – Choose Send Message to allow your visitor to type in their question
  2. Our worship times – Choose open website and add the URL on your website for this information
  3. Contact Us – Choose call number and type in a valid phone number

For 1 and 3 you should have a designated person who receives the Messenger messages or the phone call.

Click Publish in the top right corner to activate your Customer Chat chatbot.

This is what the Customer Chat flow looks like when it is completed.

You can preview your bot before you place the code on your website. This is what it will look like on a smartphone.

You can always customize your bot:

  • Brand with your logo
  • Change the welcome message to reflect how you want to initiate a conversation
  • Change the buttons (you are allowed three per conversation)

Go to Step 2 for instructions on adding the Customer Chatbot code to your website.